How to navigate and follow this CPD activity.

Throughout this CPD activity you will be guided through various interactive elements that can be combined to create powerful tools for your company.

In order to follow the guide correctly, please familiarise yourself with the information below:


This text is your guide as to what to do next. It also offers insight into the aspect of the CPD activity that your are viewing.
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This is the "Application Frame".

Anything within here is representation of aspects of the interactive application you would deploy.

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Moving technology forwards in your organisation:

The real benefits of online, interactive e-training

Welcome to this online interactive CPD presented by PAULEY.

This course will be perfect for you if your company have any requirements for:

Efficiently introduce and induct new staff or visitors to your company policies.

Increase site knowledge and safety through effective, interactive and engaging online H&S.

Increase staff competency through interactive 3D simulation of your products or services.

Effectively keep track of staff and trainee competencies through online examinations.

Efficiently refresh staff skill-sets through tailored and targeted online interactive courses.

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