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Flat is a Four Letter Word

Funny how we hear that business is flat, and the markets are flat, but you still need to be able to create and present work which stands out and stands up to your clients’ expectations. They’re still relying on your ideas, knowledge, skills and commitment to bring their ideas to life, make them stand out from the crowd, and get them the business. The next big wave of creative possibilities is just breaking on the shore – that wave is 3D.

The Genie’s Already Out of the Bottle
Whether it’s on a website, in the cinema, at a business presentation, or playing video games, we’ve all seen the power and scope that 3D adds to our experience, enjoyment and understanding of everything it touches. If we’ve seen it and experienced it, so have our customers, and they’re going to want truly creative companies big and small to be able to provide it. The 3D modelling and Animation market for example is estimated to be around the $220 million mark*, and set to grow even bigger in 2011.
Some Common Misconceptions
Creative, advertising, and marketing agencies, departments and companies, and web companies of all kinds want to make the jump to offering a full range of 3D Modelling and Animation service to their clients, but the perceived, investment, risk, and time involved in getting the capabilities in-house seem too great.

Many end customers now want to use power of 3D visualisation services in their web pages, presentations, and show reels, but imagine the costs to be beyond all realistic expectations.

3D Wishes

What creative and marketing companies or agencies do best is just that – to be creative and to add real value, and it’s perfectly natural to want to carry on doing that. What end customers want is not only to get a great return on their promotional investment in terms of enquiries, sales, and loyal customers, but to have that special difference which sets them apart and gets them ahead in their own marketplace. 

The Answers? 

Outsourcing the business to experienced, reliable 3D Visualisation and Content Providers has been the perfect solution for many creative and marketing organisations wanting to offer the latest in high impact creative sales and promotional tools to their customers. Outsourcing it to existing specialists means that:

Risks and costs are minimised, and it can be offered to customers today
It’s available on demand with a potentially fast turnaround
All that’s needed is the creative brief.

As with all new technologies, the quality and scope increases and the price decreases over time. The services of some 3D companies can in fact cost a fraction of what end customers currently imagine. In reality, outsourced 3D visualisation and content provision can mean that the latest 3D technologies can be offered to and used by companies of all sizes today. 3D modelling can provide attention grabbing interactive 3D presentations and imaginative selling ideas. Interactive 3D web pages can engage and educate customers, dramatically increase conversion rates, and add value like never before.

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