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The Role of Virtual Environments in Marketing

Virtual environments are digitally created worlds that have a huge variety of uses. They are particularly used in the games industry, for example in virtual reality games where users interact with other players online. These 3D worlds do also firmly have their place in the world of marketing and PR.

A 3D world can be used as promotional material because they can give the ability to walk through a computer generated version of up and coming projects. They are a fantastic marketing tool as they can get consumers excited by showing them the potential of a new building before it has even begun production.

These are ideal for the property market because they can give the consumer the option of seeing numerous buildings in incredible detail, without having to leave their computer. It encourages forward thinking about how rooms can be furnished and laid out, and because everything can be made to specific measurements, there are no rough estimates with these computer generated worlds.

Another use for 3D in marketing is 3D maps. They can be a quick and easy guide for a shopping centre or theme park to help the consumer plan out their entire day. With the advancements in digital advertising, these maps can then become hubs for marketing products and services by placing relevant adverts in specific parts of the maps. 3D maps can enhance the shopping or theme park experience by helping the user find what they need, but also by offering advice on where to go, what to eat and what to buy.