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Concepts to Tackle Traffic

There are so many things going on at Pauley Interactive that we want to share, so we came up with this blog to post what we’re doing from time to time, to keep everyone in the know.

All of our concepts are based around sustainability, and developing technology while always keeping the environment at the forefront of our ideas. With that in mind we have thought about traffic. It’s a nightmare to sit in, it does nothing for the environment and it clutters up cities. So for that reason we have developed what we have called the ‘Wi-Fly’. It was recently covered by technology magazine Wired, and being big fans of Wired, we were very proud to be in it.

The ‘Wi-Fly’ is a semi-autonomous public transport pod which is controlled in the same way as a Segway, but with an outer casing to make it much safer. The real USP of this concept is how convenient it will be for the public to use. No more congestion charges, worries about finding a petrol station in central London, or getting crushed waiting for a tube: the Wi-Fly is simply paid for by an oyster card, credit card or cash based on how far you travel.

One of the driving forces behind the Wi-Fly is the impact it can have on traffic in congested cities. It is 1/6th the size of a car, so that will naturally reduce the amount of traffic on the roads. Not only will it reduce congestion, it will do wonders for carbon emissions as well, because it runs on a rechargeable battery.

The innovative thinking of this product is testament to the direction that we’re moving in; we spend our time thinking out of the box to come up with ideas that not only revolutionise public life, but are focused on improving the environment through sustainable designs and technology.