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Making The Invisible Visible: Taking a Digital Look Inside Your Product

Can the detail of your product be fully seen and understood by viewing it from the outside? If not, words only go so far. Even the opportunity to see a piece of machinery or complex technology up close doesn’t necessarily mean that its inner workings can be accurately explained.

Things have moved on a long way from textbook-style cutaway diagrams in which simple text labels denoted components. Visualising the internal workings of a product or a technology can now be a much more inspiring, engaging and cohesive process thanks to the development of interactive digital media such as holographic projections, CGI, 3D modelling, complex photorealistic animations and interactive touchscreen technology.

You only have to look at the latest Audi R8 V10 Plus advert to see that an insight into the interior of a product can be hugely powerful in demonstrating its value, its appeal and its worth.

Consumers have always expected increasingly innovative and hi-tech ways of viewing and assessing their investments. Furthermore, the near future will bring new advances in the availability and viewing of 3D media as the global 3D imaging market is expected to boom from $3.01 billion in 2013 to $9.82 billion by 2018. It’s even been reported this month that Amazon has started work on a smartphone with 3D capabilities which incorporates holographic technology.

The manufacturing industry is diverse, but whether your company makes automotive components, heavy machinery or luxury watches, the challenges you face when bringing products to market share many similarities. If your business is dependent upon people — whether employees, customers, clients or potential investors — understanding and engaging with the technical or mechanical detail of what you do and what you produce, it might be time to invest in a way of accurately visualising these ‘hidden’ assets.

Explain by exploring

Buying into an idea requires absolute clarity. So many complex items of machinery and technological products are now designed and manufactured with model-based definition using 3D digital data and modern computer-aided design (CAD). So why not consider demonstrating your finished product in a similar way?

There are many businesses which are equipped with a killer product, but which struggle to communicate its significance and uniqueness. We have helped a number of such businesses accurately visualise, demonstrate and explain their products in a way that makes things ‘click’ in the minds of their employees and potential clients.

Murata PS Smart Meter

Exploded view of a Smart Meter produced by Murata PS

Murata Power Solutions (MPS) is the world’s fourth largest supplier of power electronics. They asked us for a digital solution which would engage global clients and drive media coverage with the intricacies of their smallest products — some just 1mm wide. PAULEY produced an attention-grabbing 3D animation, alongside motion graphics and interactive PDFs which demonstrated the company’s creative approach.

Alison Transmission Bus Animation

An animation produced for Alison Transmission to demonstrate the efficiency of the Bus transmission

Similarly, we have worked with gearbox manufacturer Allison Transmission to show potential customers exactly how its new Vehicle Acceleration Control (VAC) transmission unit increases fuel efficiency. We produced a 3D animation and interactive touchscreen to show how the mechanics function during a fictional bus route.

Glossy brochures have long been the traditional way of engaging people with your brand. The next step — interactive e-brochures — are not only more sustainable, but they can be viewed through a variety of digital hardware such as touchscreens and smartphones and transferred anywhere in the world electronically. PAULEY recently produced interactive e-brochures for manufacturing company Dugard as part of their new digital media portfolio.

We have also helped companies create digital experiences and programs to assist in staff training and development by looking inside the physical workings and hidden complexities of their business.

Design by doing

Product creation has always been — to a greater or lesser degree — a process of trial and error. Prototype creation is an example of a typical way in which new products are designed or existing technologies are upgraded. It’s also a way in which finished products can be visualised in their destined environment. However, with huge advancements in digital media, is it really still necessary to create a physical prototype?

PAULEY worked with APT Security Systems — the UK’s leading provider of controlled vehicle access systems — to produce 3D visuals demonstrating how static bollards might look upon installation. This process helped APT’s client to accurately visualise the finished article and choose from an array of positioning options.

Modern and innovative approaches to digital prototyping can be used throughout the entire process; from concept development, design and engineering, through to testing, manufacturing and production. Having all the data accessible from one place also makes it easy for multiple people and departments to manage and collaborate on a single digital product model.

Benefits of digital prototyping include:

  • Data loss is eliminated or at the very least, minimised
  • Productivity rises and long-term costs are reduced
  • Greater ability to innovate, take ‘risks’ and trial new ideas
  • A more eco-friendly and sustainable approach
  • Reduced development time and a quicker move to market
  • An attractive, moveable model to demonstrate to investors and clients

If you are thinking about using hi-tech digital solutions, we will come armed with cutting-edge ideas and inspiration. You tell us what you want to achieve and we do the rest! Get in touch to talk to us about your ideas on +44 (0) 1908 522 532 or by emailing [email protected]. We can show you some of the possibilities available and give you an inspirational demonstration of what we might be able to create for your business.