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5 Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy? In short, there’s everything to play for. A seamlessly blended narrative using creativity, technology and digital media makes brands more distinctive, more sellable, more sharable and ultimately, more valuable.

If you’ve been playing the digital marketing game without a clear approach, here are our five tips to help you focus your efforts right now.

1. Bow down to the brand

When it comes to the jungle of digital marketing, brand is king. Absolutely everything you do online should align with your business’s brand and vision. Your digital assets should be a never-ending dialogue — always available, always evolving — which supports the rest of your business. Whether online or offline, your marketing approach should tell the same story.

A digital marketing strategy should work towards achieving strategic objectives, supporting rather than draining resources. And so try to avoid measuring digital success using superficial metrics such as page views. It’s the quality of your digital interactions which is vital.

2. Prioritize quality over quantity

Making your digital assets sparkle isn’t just about the surface sheen. What’s on the inside is vital, but many still think the entire aim is to get more online visitors ‘through the front door’. A 2012 eConsultancy report stated that companies spend 100 times more money on gaining website visitors than on converting them to customers. But what then?

Killer digital marketing definitely drives visitors to your site, but it should keep them there too: engaged, keen and ready to buy. Excellent digital marketing is about optimizing what you’ve got; about prioritizing quality over quantity and creating outstanding content. And while SEO remains important, the dynamics of online search are changing. Forget the days of densely populating your site with keywords — the shift is towards ‘content marketing’: Both search engines and consumers are desperately seeking brands which create unique, compelling content.


3. Identify quick wins

A thorough digital marketing strategy could cover a huge amount of content; everything from to YouTube channels and smart websites to e-brochures and sales touch-screens. Correctly identifying where best to start is one of the most important things you can do. Focus on the outcomes you’re aiming for. It may be stating the obvious, but initially focus on areas which will have the most impact on improving conversion. This may be improving key landing pages on your website, upgrading contact forms, or simply ensuring all your site’s titles and link text are active and optimized.

The Financial Times, for example, was quick to pick up on the fact that a lot of its customers wanted optimized smartphone accessibility. Now, 25% of their page views and 15% of all new digital subscriptions come from mobiles. As a result of focussing resources on developing mobile technology, it was the first newspaper to announce that its digital subscribers outnumbered print subscribers.

4. Personalize, personalize, personalize

What are the digital fingerprints of your key visitors like? You should know. Predictive, rules-based personalization is increasingly putting visitors into categories defined by their online behaviour, therefore showing them the most relevant content.

Social networking is driving forward the ability of businesses to understand their customers and clients, offering a platform for direct conversations. Increasingly, social networks are a place in which you can find and encourage vocal support, get data on your visitors by asking questions, target specific groups and sectors, and truly validate that your customers and other supporters are exactly who you think they are.

Intelligent use of social networks can kickstart an invaluable dialogue which resonates with your customers, captures them, and keeps them engaged with your brand.

5. Don’t neglect email marketing

A recent report from marketing data company Custora stated that since 2009, online retailers have managed to quadruple the volume of customers acquired through email to 7% — a figure that shouldn’t be ignored. Smart email marketing can automatically add subscribers based on their preferences, and can analyse website conversion using in-house analytics. It might be that you need expert help to integrate it well with other channels, make the most of dynamic content, increase click-through rates, and find new subscribers.

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