Onboarding / Induction

Tell your corporate story in a way that sticks.

Onboarding can be a long and complex process for any organisation. We create immersive eLearning solutions that help your new employees acquire, retain and refresh the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to become a true member of your organisation.

We help newbies, no matter where they are in the world.

A typical onboarding or organisational socialisation programme might include a mix of formal meetings, videos and printed materials. But we apply our skills to create compulsive learning environments that are anything but typical.

Why? Because research shows that making use of active participation leads to better outcomes for both employees and employers, including improved performance, higher satisfaction, greater commitment and less stress.

We use bespoke eLearning solutions to interpret and deliver your onboarding programme in a way that's highly engaging, giving your organisation a competitive advantage in an ever more mobile and globalised world.

Want to make your onboarding programme more engaging?

Personalise onboarding to individual roles or employees.

Make complex organisational structures uncomplicated.

Break down with secure, online onboarding.

Use extra dimensions to add context.

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