Virtual Reality

Create a virtual world

Create true-to-life scenarios that will save time and money in your organisation.

Virtual reality (VR) is a type of immersive multimedia that simulates a person’s presence in a computer-generated world—a compulsive learning environment.

If it’s tricky to get access to the “real thing”, we can use VR to recreate anything – environments, vehicles, machines and more. It can be used to troubleshoot faults and execute tasks, just as they would occur in the real world.

We’re working with cutting-edge VR headsets and are proud to be part of the developer community for Oculus and HTC VR.

Augmented Reality

Bridge the gap between reality and imagination

Bring 3D models to life in front of audiences anywhere in the world. Augmented reality (AR) is a type of immersive multimedia that augments real environments with computer-generated content.

Trainees, staff and customers anywhere in the world could remotely explore scenarios and brands. Working with holograms in a real-life setting will be the future of team-based eLearning and powerfully immersive promotional solutions.

We’re working with cutting-edge AR technology and are an active part of the developer community for Microsoft HoloLens.

Gesture Control

No more clicking

Let people pinch, swipe, twist, grip, and punch their way through your organisation’s digital world. Gesture control technology is a computer sensor device that supports input from hand and finger motions—no contact or touching required.

Gesture control gives people inspiring new ways to engage with your brand inside and out. When it comes to eLearning, this technology boosts active participation and gives disabled trainees alternative, more manageable ways of interfacing with your training programmes.

We’re using Leap Motion controllers to explore new ways to interact with the worlds of eLearning and digital content.

Mobile Tech

Data you carry with you

Equip your team with automated, future-proofed and real-time information for when they’re on the go.

We create instantly updateable programs for smartphones, tablets and laptops to make digital sales and eLearning available remotely—anywhere, any time.

Throw wearable computing gadgets, such as smart watches, into the mix to encourage social media use and speedy multi-tasking. Integrate into clothing and PPE to display customised data and track individuals on site for the next-generation solution to health and safety requirements.

Touch Tech

Get to grips with intuitive interaction

Applications, animations, audio and video content are delivered to your target audiences’ fingertips, making it easier to fully digest and explore. Touchscreen software is dynamic and visually arresting. Data capture software behind-the-scenes can track your customers’ reactions in real-time and manage your trainees’ learning in the long-term.

By using a range of immersive elements, touchscreen-based programs also make allowances for a wide range of learning styles and viewing preferences.

Plus, our sophisticated content management systems make it incredibly easy to update your resources and training programmes.

360 Video & Stills

Add dimensions; increase engagement

Turn passive observers into active, hands-on participants by transforming 2D imagery and diagrams into interactive experiences.

We use computer-aided design (CAD) to create perfect 360° tours and responsive 3D replicas of scenes, products and objects.

Adding extra dimensions to your training interface and sales technique elevates active participation levels by generating a richer, more personalised experience for the user.