Björk Drops World's First VR Album

Björk Drops World's First VR Album

Always at the cutting edge and willing to try new things, Icelandic artist Björk has made a world first by releasing her latest album in virtual reality.

The music-performance album Vulnicura is available on the HTC Vive, with viewers being offered an immersive insight into her 18-month tour, “Björk Digital”. It launched at Sydney's Vivid festival and will continue around the world. Fans will be able to watch whilst wearing Vive VR and Samsung Gear VR headsets

The VR content of the album mixes digital drawings which are constantly evolving and changing with the light and sound fill the space around the user, and immersive scenes of Icelandic fields, beaches, and caves. The VR film for one track, "Notget", combines high resolution 3D scans, on-location holostudio, motion capture and videogrammetry along with real-time special audio design, allowing users to walk around inside streams of particles and light in the Vive's virtual space.

In addition to the VR-enhanced tracks, attendees will be able to access a 'Biophilia' app room and wander through visual art installations. The tour's videos will eventually be made downloadable so that anyone can experience the album in full virtual reality. 

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