Exciting Upcoming VR Game Release from Kite & Lightning

Exciting Upcoming VR Game Release from Kite & Lightning

LA-based studio Kite & Lightning are working hard on their first game release after a series of successful VR experiences. Bebylon Battle Royale will support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. The first installment of Bebylon is likely to be in early 2017 with further 'chunks' released in every couple of months afterwards.

The game (in which, essentially, babies fight each other in an arena) has been funded through $2.5 million in seed funding and the budget will allow an impressive scope. Spectators will be able to join the game for free and access more interactive features through in-app purchases.

However, if you want to fight in the arena you'll have to buy the game. 
The studio says that the audience will be able to influence the fights they’re watching in various ways, such as throwing items into the arena and betting on the outcome. Major matches may be spectated by large numbers of users and the game will use VREAL's VR streaming technology to make that happen.

Outside of the baby battling arenas,  there will be a space in which players will be able to see shows, take rides & tours, and visit gambling dens where they can watch matches broadcast on screens.

The YouTube video embedded below is “very early work-in-progress gameplay footage.”

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