Farewell Selfie Sticks?

Farewell Selfie Sticks?

Selfie sticks - extendable rods with a smartphone or camera attachment, allowing users to take a photo of themselves without getting their fingers over the lens - have just been banned from the UK's National Gallery in London. The gallery is the latest in a long line of public venues not keen to let the invasive devices in through their doors. 

The Smithsonian has also banned them, as has a number of concert halls and music venues, such as The O2, Brixton Academy, Shepherd's Bush Empire and the Wembley Arena. The bans have largely been brought in on the grounds of health and safety, and also because they ruin other peoples' view or run the risk of damaging important collections or works of art. The British Museum is said to be considering a ban as well. Globally famous institutions and visitor attractions including Rome's Colosseum, the Palace of Versailles, and the Albertina in Vienna. 

In Brazil, the selfie stick has been banned in f
ootball stadiums because of their potential use as weapons in fights between rival fans,. Selfie sticks were also banned from Brazil's recent carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro.

Music festival are beginning to follow suit, too. Selfie sticks are already no longer welcome at Ultra festival and Lollapalooza.

They have even being cracked down upon by entire countries. The sticks are connected to your phone via Bluetooth, which means that the sticks could be used to access your personal data. South Korea is cracking down on unregistered knock-off selfie sticks and intends to regulate them via a government agency that monitors telecom devices.

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