NextVR Streams Content Straight From the Field

NextVR Streams Content Straight From the Field

Live virtual reality experiences could help deliver the sensation of standing by the sidelines directly into your living room. NextVR is specialising in a VR system which capture live action and delivers it to remote VR headsets in broadcast quality. 

With 23 patents granted and pending, NextVR's custom lens-to-lens system is the only one able to transfer live HD, 3D footage over the internet.

Most recently, the company have screened the Manchester United vs. Barcelona pre-season soccer match at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. It's also streamed the US Open golf tournament, the NASCAR XFINITY Series and the Sprint Cup Series. 

How does it work? High definition virtual reality cameras are first strategically positioned around the sports field. At some events, there has been a full 360-degree camera rig which capture 24,000 pixels horizontally by  6,000 pixels vertically at 60 frames per second, offering viewers incredibly detailed imagery of the field of play. The raw feed is processed and compressed into a "3D mesh" before it's sent on to the VR viewers. 

The footage streamed into the headset switches between these camera views in order to follow where the most action is happening on the field. The company currently send the camera footage to Samsung Gear VR headsets and compatible Samsung Galaxy phones. 

Overlaid digital elements can add to the viewing experience. Down below the horizon, an indicator can show you which camera you’re viewing, the current scores and picture-in-picture cameras. Eventually, the technology will be able to allow  “full positional tracking” with six degrees of freedom. This means that if your view is interrupted by a linesman, you'll be able to peer around him to see what's happening. 

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