SkyDeck Puts Passengers in Prime Spot for Flight

SkyDeck Puts Passengers in Prime Spot for Flight

"I'll take a seat in top class please."

Indulgent travellers may be excited about a new idea from aerospace engineering company Windspeed, which puts a couple of lucky passengers in prime viewing position for their flight.

The SkyDeck would provide an exhilarating view of the sky from a "bubble" projecting from the top of the aeroplane's fuselage. They are currently developing the concept into a useable feature.

Any airline would have to charge quite a premium for the privilege of a SkyDeck, however. Installing one would increase weight (and therefore fuel costs) and reduce the number of passengers and other cargo it can carry. Windspeed suggest that passengers could use the seats on a "pay-per-view" basis, to ensure that the SkyDeck is used throughout the flight and to give more passengers the opportunity to experience it. 

They are already in talks with a major aircraft canopy manufacturer, who will design, build, test and supply the canopies, fully certified and ready-to-install. Super strong, the SkyDeck dome will be made of a similar material of that used in supersonic fighter jets, and able to withstand impacts from bird strikes and other loads.

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