The Future of Faster

The Future of Faster

Puma has developed a super speedy robot that can zoom ahead of even Usain Bolt. They hope athletes will be able to use it keep pace and push themselves even further along the track.

The BeatBot is programmed to follow the white line of a running track at a designated speed-aiming to provide athletes with an electronic competitor when there's no one else to train against.  

The four-wheeled robot was designed and created by engineering graduate students at MIT and functions in a similar way to a remote-controlled car that moves in straight lines. It is accompanied by a smartphone app which can be used to customise the robot's pace and distance. 

What's clever about this bot is its ability to move rapidly forward in a perfectly straight line, which it does by tracking a clear line with its nine infrared sensors. The motors inside the BeatBot have to make 100 tiny adjustments every second, just to keep it on course. Meanwhile, two integrated GoPro cameras-one looking ahead, one looking behind-record footage of the race or training session.

The robot should be a real aid to serious runners looking to up their speeds. or example, If a runner can’t beat an 11-second 100-yard dash, for example, he or she might train by asking the robot in to run a 10.5-second pace. The idea is that the human competitor will be able to train on the four-wheeled gadget’s speed and eventually overtake it on the regular. And for fun, why not just program it to Usain Bolt's record-breaking pace, just to laugh at how far behind him you really are.

As of now, the training robot is only available to Puma’s sponsored athletes, but it will become available to the public this year.

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