Glasgow Sets Trend for Internet of Things

Glasgow Sets Trend for Internet of Things

Glasgow now boasts an Internet of Things (IoT) network across 12 square kilometres of the city. The network is one of the most advanced in the world and has been developed and installed by a consortium including Stream Technologies, Semtech, Boston Networks and CENSIS, as well as Glasgow, Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian universities.

The model will allow local businesses to start up their own IoT networks with just one or two devices, and scale-up to the point where they have hundreds, or even thousands, of connected ‘things’. That might sound like it is purely focused on technology companies, but the network could be used by practically any organisation – or even individuals. The network can now identify the location of devices without requiring more battery power, opening up a host of new applications. 

The IoT network will be used to enable the development and use of devices such as building and indoor environmental monitors, pollution sensors, intelligent transport systems, tags for tracking valuable assets, and social care devices designed to support independent living. It's hoped that Glasgow will be a good testbed for the technology, as it's designed on a useful grid system as well as having more historic areas and a good mix of urban and extra-urban environments. 

Next, the consortium will be trialling another network in Inverness, in order to monitor conditions in more rural environments. 

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