Portable 360 Action Cam Shares Straight to Social Media

Portable 360 Action Cam Shares Straight to Social Media

The ALLie Cam 360x360 recently became the first to share user generated content to Facebook, and stream direct to VR headsets. This neat consumer camera could set standards for how 360 videos are created and shared on social media.

The company are keen to push the multiple uses of the camera: to monitor events at home, as an alternative to the action-based GoPro, and as a method streaming content direct to VR headsets. The size of a baseball, it can capture 360-degrees horizontally and 360-degrees vertically in hi-res video.

Soon, the company say that users will be able to stream video via Wi-Fi directly to Facebook and YouTube, ready to be watched on mobile or even Google Cardboard. The camera integrates two microphones, a built-in speaker, storage for recording and a rechargeable battery. 

ALLie are also investing energy in the development of low-cost, 
mobile VR headsets, compatible with a range of smartphones, which sit snuggly behind the front cover of the headset. The ALLie VR App and built-in optics come together to display immersive video streaming from the ALLie cameras, as well as 3D movies, gaming and personal videos (hosted on the smartphone). They've also created a cheap headset based on Google Cardboard.

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