Smart Billboards To Target Individual Drivers

Smart Billboards To Target Individual Drivers

Billboards coming soon to Japan will display targeted adverts by recognising the make and model of cars driving past.

Cloudian and Dentsu are working together on the project, which will debut the first billboards in Tokyo, probably in the autumn. A camera integrated into the billboard will look hundreds of meters down the expressway to identify vehicles and present a corresponding ad for about five seconds. Highly-targeted ads are the norm while we browse the web and use apps, but such approaches have not largely entered the broader world yet.

Ad campaigns could see hungry truck drivers being targeted for roadside services, or suggestions for car drivers to upgrade to the newest model. Users of electric or hybrid vehicles could be targeted with eco-friendly products.

The two companies ran a pilot test in Japan earlier this year and said they were able to recognise the make, model and year of cars with 94% accuracy. It's also capable of recognising over 200 different types of vehicles. The system uses a computer which have been trained to make the car identification by reviewing hundreds of thousands of vehicle images--relying on a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, in which machines recognise patterns in huge piles of data.

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