Your Data, Your Way With a HAT

Your Data, Your Way With a HAT

RUMPEL, a ground-breaking hyperdata web browser that makes it simpler for people to access and use online data about themselves, is being rolled out to the public this month.

RUMPEL gives users the ability to browse their very own private, secure collection of personal data. The project calls this gathering of data from across the web as a HAT (Hub-Of-All-Things). Everyone's HAT would contain a vast amount of personal data, collected from a variety of web sources including social media, calendars, shopping, financial and other personal data) and allows them to control, combine and share it in whatever way they wish.

The HAT scheme has been developed by a group of British universities (Warwick, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Surrey and the University of the West of England) with thanks to £1.2 million in funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Industry partners who have contributed include GlaxoSmithKline, Arup and Dyson. Regular web users now have a vast array of data stored online and the new browser is ideal for visualising, understanding and organising it. 

In future, the project may develop and expand to include the ability to offer automated, personalised suggestions, prompts and reminders. You can sign up to get a HAT and use RUMPEL here.

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