Get Into Technology With #mytechstory

Get Into Technology With #mytechstory

It's the time of year when thousands of new students are heading off to university to start their degrees, and others a year or two younger are starting to seriously consider their post A-level options. But as our latest blog discusses, the UK is facing a severe skills gap in many areas of engineering and technology. 

Luckily, The Tech Partnership has launched an inspirational social media campaign to encourage students to study technology and engineering subjects in higher education, called My Tech Story. By highlighting the range of opportunities available to young people through personal stories of those who have taken that path and reaped the benefits, The Tech Partnership is hoping to boost university numbers in such fields. 

Gemma Pitman opens up about passing her GCSEs late to studying IT at university and how much she loves her current role at BBC Radio. Mike Hearn describes his journey from university to fighting spammers at Gmail and now developing software for Bitcoin. Lloyds apprentice Oscar Smith describes his choices after A-Levels and why he chose an apprenticeship over a degree. 

Many have contributed already and anyone can get involved. If you want to offer up your own "tech story", your can share it, or share the perspective of your apprentices, graduates and employees, words and photos can be added to The Tech Partnership website and across social media channels using the hashtag  #mytechstory. If you're thinking of moving into a tech-related career, you can also browse the site to explore your options, including apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, training schemes and more.

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