New Software Stops Online Dropouts

New Software Stops Online Dropouts

Online training programs such as MOOCs are highly popular, yet suffer from high rates of student dropouts - probably because they're often free and don't require in-person attendance. 

At last week's International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, MIT researchers demonstrated a dropout prediction model which can help predict which students will drop out of the next offering in a series of online courses. 

Veeramachaneni and Boyer's first step was to develop a set of variables that would allow them to compare data collected during different offerings of the same course - or, indeed, offerings of different courses. There are huge numbers of factors involved in whether or not a student completes a course, such as the student's motivation and which days of the week the student is able to dedicate to the course.

The team hope that better understanding the complexities of why a student drops out from a course will help prevent future dropouts and better shape the future of online education.

Current solutions to the issue of MOOC dropout rates include making courses-self-paced rather than imposing deadlines, email reminders to complete assignments, inserting more interactive elements to the course material, driving the importance of cohort bonding through discussion forums and so on. 

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