World's First VR & AR Certificate Program To Train Up Professionals

World's First VR & AR Certificate Program To Train Up Professionals

Although the virtual reality industry is seeing massive growth, there's surprisingly little on offer in terms of formal training for developers. But things are set to change at Cogswell College in San Jose, California, which is launching the world's first Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Certificate Program.

The first courses at this top videogame design school are scheduled to begin this summer. 
The college will be offering classes with four areas: Perceptual/Cognitive Aspects of VR/AR; HCI Design; Design for VR; and Project-Based Iterative Application. 

Cogswell has put together a pedigreed Industry Advisory Board for the new certificate program, and classes will be offered on weekday evenings and weekends to accommodate working students’ schedules, as the program’s aim is to provide computer graphics professionals, film makers and content creators with the opportunity to join VR/AR content development teams.

“We look forward to helping the industry make sense of the exciting recent developments in virtual reality”, says Jerome Solomon, Cogswell’s Dean of the College & Director of Game Design and Development, as well as the Conference Chair for ACM SIGGRAPH 2017. “We recognize the pain of developing around emerging VR/AR systems while at the same time the gaming industry has always led the way in finding applications for new technologies”.

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