Electric Smartscooters Hit Taipei’s Streets

Electric Smartscooters Hit Taipei’s Streets

The electric Smartscooter is live for pre-orders this month in Taiwan.

The slick-looking scooter has chargeable, swappable batteries and is looking like it could be a hit in the densely populated and traffic jam-stagnated country.

The Smartscooter is priced at £2,600 and will come with a year’s theft insurance, two years of free maintenance and unlimited access to charging stations around the capital city of Taipei.

Drivers won’t have to wait for the scooter’s lithium-ion batteries to recharge. The GoStations, or “exchange networks” will simply be a place in which to swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones – in a process its creators say will take a mere six seconds. A company called Gogoro runs the scooter and charging stations and one of the drawbacks of this vehicle is that this will be the only place they can be charged up. The range of the scooter is around 60 miles.

Gogoro expects the batteries to last for 2,000 recharge cycles, and after they’ve reached the end of their useful life for the scooters, they’ll be donated to developing nations where they could be used for low-energy demand, such as powering light bulbs.

The “smart” in its name doesn’t just refer to its eco-friendly credentials. The two-wheeler is fitted with around 30 different sensors to monitor gravity, shock, ambient light and more, linking this environmental data to ride data and sending it to the driver via a smartphone app.

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