Chasing Tornadoes in 360 Degrees

Chasing Tornadoes in 360 Degrees

360-degree videos can put viewers right into the heart of the action, in places where they'd never be able to actually go... like the heart of a tornado.

Now, dedicated storm hunters are starting to capture their experiences in 360-degrees to give the world a truer representation of what it's really like to be caught up in these extreme weather events.

There have been a recent spate of tornadoes across the Great Plains of the United States, along what's known as "Tornado Alley". And t
he Weather Network's Storm Hunters have been on the ground, where they have witnessed 14 tornadoes. Team member Mark Robinson has been using a new 360 camera to provide film and imagery of the storm from all angles - just take a look at the video posted below, which captures a wedge tornado from May 2016. 

Even better when viewed with a VR headset such as Google Cardboard, this an interactive way for audiences to experience the strong winds and funnel clouds.

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