Solar-Powered BuffaloGrid Charger For Developing Nations

Solar-Powered BuffaloGrid Charger For Developing Nations

The solar-powered BuffaloGrid Hub charges mobile phones, offering off-grid rural people in remote communities with limited electricity. Prototypes of the microgrids were first deployed in Uganda, where 80% of people have access to mobile phones, but less than 5% have access to power. The latest version of the technology is now (November 2014) being deployed in Karnataka, India. 

This "microgrid" is funded per charge by SMS unlocking a charge port. This kind of "text to charge" system was first deployed in February 2013.

The patent-pending BuffaloGrid system, according to its creators, makes power affordable. BuffaloGrid solar powered hubs bring power to people, right where it's needed. A decentralised energy source is the key to bringing power to widely distributed off-grid people.  

BuffaloGrid uses clean solar power, which increases access to safe phone charging and lighting, reducing respiratory complaints and indirectly tackling other problems such as the danger created by kerosene lamps that claim the lives of 1.5 million people each year, over half of which are under the age of five. Having safe lighting also means that people can be more productive through the dark hours, allowing children to study for longer.

BuffaloGrid Hubs can also be used to provide off-grid power for a range of vital uses from medical to educational applications, bringing economic growth to rural communities around the world. 

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