4D Ghost Train Launches at Thorpe Park

4D Ghost Train Launches at Thorpe Park

Today, July 8th, Thorpe Park opens the doors to its first immersive virtual reality ride, Ghost Train

Developed over three years in collaboration with illusionist Derren Brown, the ride is designed to alter thrillseekers' perception of reality as they climb aboard what appears to be a Victorian train carriage suspended 20 feet in the air. Riders will wear headsets for the journey. The experience lasts 13 minutes - much longer than most theme park rides - and will feature optical illusions, special effects, live actors, 12 possible journeys and two different endings.  

The back story to the ride is that
 you are trying to travel through London’s public transport system in the aftermath of an environmental disaster. An energy company aiming to drill into the earth’s core to get oil has gone a step too far, releasing gases that have “infected” the city, turning its inhabitants into diseased mutants.

It sounds pretty scary, too. Rated as PG13, Ghost Train has the longest list of restrictions in Thorpe Park's history. It's not suitable for 
those who experience anxiety attacks, those with a “fear of dark confined spaces or heights” or anyone of “a nervous disposition”.

A reviewer described the experience as "seriously intense, super scary and VERY Derren Brown". 

Riders are being asked not to spoil the secrets of the ride by keeping quiet about what they've experienced.

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