Darth Vader Meets Virtual Reality

Darth Vader Meets Virtual Reality

VR fans are always asking what's next when it comes to the Star Wars franchise. Luckily, they might not have to wait too much longer. 

It sounds like Industrial Light & Magic (LucasFilm's immersive entertainment division) is working with David S. Goyer - the writer of films such as 
Batman Begins and Man of Steel, and shows like FlashForward - to create an original story about Darth Vader. Delivered in virtual reality, this film will let viewers join in and be part of the story.

The as-yet untitled project is said to be an entirely original story set within the Star Wars universe. Most interestingly, despite being a VR experience, it's likely to be more tightly integrated to the main film series. Indeed, Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo said its storyline will actually be considered a series canon, alongside the new movies, novels, and comic books. 

The new Vader VR film will allow "viewers" to be fully immersed in the storyline, able to
 pick things up, open things, walk around and reach out and touch characters. The experience will take place in a "persistent" world, one that cycles through day and night, has evolving weather conditions, and continues to go on even after the viewer leaves the experience. 

Sounds amazing, right? The only downside is that we might have to wait a year or two to experience it for ourselves. 

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