Eat All You Like in VR - Project Nourished

Eat All You Like in VR - Project Nourished

Billed as a "gastronomical virtual reality experience", Project Nourished is designing fine dining experiences so that users can eat whatever they like without feeling guilty.

The system focuses on the “perception of a meal” and attempts to recreate vision, taste, smell, texture, consistency and sound that you would associate with eating a meal. The project combines a mobile VR headset (into which you slot a smartphone) with other sensory triggers, including scents, a bone-conducting transducer to mimic the sound of chewing and even a virtual cocktail glass that can simulate intoxication.

The experience is designed to be entertaining. The website talks about users being able to dine in their favourite storybook or movie, enjoying unusual foods. 

Although it's designed to be fun, the developers, Kokiri Lab, have claimed several health and medical benefits. It could be useful to those looking to lose weight or for people with allergies, by offering the stimulation of "eating food" without actually consuming it. Plus, it could help with long-distance relationships, allowing people who are across continents to dine together as if they are next to each other. A diverse range of foods could even be enjoyed by astronauts traveling for an extended amount of time in space while boosting morale and minimising payload.

There’s no definitive date for when and if Project Nourished will become available to the public, though pre-orders of different scent packs and the headset are available to order from the firm’s website, with shipping estimated to be some time this summer.

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