Hundreds of Live Performances Coming to VR

Hundreds of Live Performances Coming to VR

Live broadcast VR firm NextVR has just announced a major collaboration with Live Nation, the premiere event promotion company that’s responsible for more than 25,000 events worldwide, including concerts and performances by some of the world’s leading artists. Their partnership will mean that they'll be delivering hundreds of live, cutting-edge music performances in virtual reality to music fans around the globe.

So far, NextVR has been active in the VR sports arena, so this will be a new direction for them, apart from a one-off capture of Coldplay's Ghost Stories concert in late 2014. While the first VR performances are yet to be announced, it's likely that we'll be hearing news this summer when the companies will jointly release a series of upcoming events, believed to be starting in July. 

Next VR has kitted out a high-tech events truck packed full of computing horsepower that will travel to venues and allow technicians to mix stereoscopic video and 3D VR audio on-site before transmitting it live. 

Virtual access to future concert venues is said to include areas normally considered exclusive, like front-row seats and backstage access. Because each viewing position only requires a single 360 camera, previously inaccessible places like sitting on-stage during the performance will also be a reality. 
Access will initially only be available through NextVR’s Gear VR app, with support for additional devices coming soon.

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