Microsoft & General Electric CEOs Endorse AR

Microsoft & General Electric CEOs Endorse AR

CNBC recently aired an exclusive interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, live from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. Augmented Reality in the Enterprise was a major topic of the conversation.

Nadella expressed his excitement that games such as Pokemon Go were raising public interest in augmented reality: "Hopefully this will translate into a lot of interest, even into HoloLens...Think about what that game on HoloLens would mean. You are not trying to use a phone when you can actually just use your eyes to look through and have that augmented reality experience."

He added that much focus remains on the industrial applications of the technology: "Whether it be education, training, manufacturing, architecture, industrial design - they are going to be fundamentally changed by augmented reality. SO it is the ultimate computing paradigm."

Immelt spoke about widespread adoption of Microsoft HoloLens technology at GE within the next two years, praising the cost-saving it could help achieve: "If you take the cycle time of less doing repairs on a utility or an LNG plant or refinery down by 10%. Let's say because you could fix everything right the first time, you had a chance to visualise and manage the human data interface down by 10%. That's probably worth $50 billion or something...The industrial applications of this are going to be billions of dollars of productivity."

General Electric seem keen to set the stage as an early industrial adopter. "Make no mistake," said Immelt, "augmented reality is going to happen. It is going to happen in the industrial space. It is going to be very productive. You know, we want to make sure as a practitioner, let's say first and foremost, we want to be the best practitioner of this technology."

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