New World Record: 25 Hours in VR

New World Record: 25 Hours in VR

Guinness World Records has just announced a brand new entry, and the first entry related to the field of virtual reality.

Derek Westerman has stepped into virtual reality by slipping on a HTC Vive headset and into the world of painting application Tilt Brush... and stayed in that one application for 25 hours straight. Westerman undertook the feat on behalf on Super Deluxe, a YouTube collective. He said: “While many people, especially gamers, have spent a lot of time in virtual reality, it seemed important to set an official Guinness record with our current “excited-about-VR” climate, so we essentially had an official bench mark to beat.”

Instead of a video game, Westerman used Tilt Brush to create new line drawings throughout the 25-hour period. One of the stipulations by Guinness was that the record be attempted with a single game. Interestingly, he realised that the key to ensuring time didn’t drag horrendously was to engage his creativity.

So how would it affect you if you spent this long, or longer, immersed in a virtual world? The answer is that no one yet knows. Now that they're more widely commercially available, we're likely to see more research into the long-term effects. Westerman experienced vertigo at around the 17th hour mark, when he had to vomit into a bucket. He also reported that there was a "difference" in his my life after his extended stint in virtual reality: "I was marked by it. And now, in an exciting way, everything feels slightly superficial or unreal.”

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