Not Just Wearable, But Injectable!

Not Just Wearable, But Injectable!

Forget the bulky geekdom of the Google Glass headset, it seems as though the company is working towards a very different kind of wearable... one which is injected into your eye.

In a patent application made on April 28th, 2016, Google describe a device being injected into the eyeball. Injected as a liquid that later solidifies, the procedure would involve first removing the eye's natural lens and inserting this artificial one in its place. 
Although this would primarily be a way of correcting poor vision (or potentially giving the wearer "super sight"), the artificial lens could also contain technological add-ons, too. 

The planned device injected into the eye contains a number of tiny components: storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens. The eyeball device gets power wirelessly from an “energy harvesting antenna.” The patent describes what looks like an external device to interface with the eyeball computer. The two will communicate through a radio and the ”interface device” contains the processor to do the necessary computing. According to the patent, the electronic lens would assist in the process of focusing light onto the eye’s retina. 

While it might sound far-fetched, this kind of technology could have real-world applications within eight or ten years. Plus, the eye is particularly suited to surgical implants because there are no blood vessels in your eye's lens, which means there’s little chance of the body's immune system rejecting it.

But Google aren't the only company to be keen on this kind of development. Sony have also recently filed a patent for a wearable contact lens that is able to record and play video. And Samsung has also sought to patent a wearable contact lens which can project images directly into the user’s eye, take photographs and connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

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