Roller Coasters in a Different World with Samsung Gear VR

Roller Coasters in a Different World with Samsung Gear VR

As if roller coasters couldn't get any more exhilarating, Six Flags amusement park in Texas, USA, is adding virtual reality to a selection of its rides this year.

Keen riders on nine of the park's most popular attractions will be fitted with Samsung Gear VR headsets before they jump aboard. The headsets will add extra sensory experiences, working in tune with each ride's sensors, gyros and accelerometers to place the riders in a completely new environment, far beyond the physical confines of the park. 

On the new revolutionary rides, adrenaline junkies will be transported to a "futuristic battle to save planet earth from an alien invasion", while the Superman roller coasters expect to take individuals on an action-packed "360-degree comic-book world" tour of Metropolis.

In January, Alton Towers, announced it was to open a space-themed virtual reality roller coaster named "Galactica" this April, in which passengers wear VR headsets. Thorpe Park - another Merlin theme park - is testing new limits, opening a "multi-sensory" attraction named "Ghost Train" this Spring, designed by famous illusionist Derren Brown. 

It will be interesting to see whether motion sickness is an issue when combining the VR with rides. Dare you try it?

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