Tri-Rail Tracker Puts Trains on The Google Map

Tri-Rail Tracker Puts Trains on The Google Map

Ever rushed to the railway station, only to find that your train is delayed? Those kind of travel annoyances could soon be banished with the advent of new apps which track train location and activity.

The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) has launched a new free app, “Tri-Rail Tracker,” that allows passengers to know the exact location of their Tri-Rail train and when it will arrive at their station. People with a smartphone can download the app "Tri-Rail" through Apple's App Store or the Android Google Play Store.

Using GPS, the app’s map shows exactly where all Tri-Rail trains are located during all hours of operation. Through the app, viewers can see a map of the train system running between 18 stations from Miami to West Palm Beach, and see the trains moving in real time. Tri-Rail Tracker lists the trains that will arrive at the next station, their direction (north or south) and the track on which they will be arriving.

You can select a specific train and know where it is and its estimated arrival time. Passengers can also get alerts regarding system activity that could possibly impact their commutes. Described as “straightforward and user-friendly,” the app superimposes the Tri-Rail system map on top of a Google map, showing a train’s precise location.

ETA SPOT developed the new app for Tri-Rail and say that their innovation will enhance the SFRTA’s ability to more effectively communicate with passengers and the general public. 

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