First Operation Live Streamed in Immersive 360

First Operation Live Streamed in Immersive 360

Surgeon Shafi Ahmen and his patient were brave enough to open themselves up to the eyes of the world recently, in the world’s first operation to be live streamed in 360-degree video.

The procedure that was filmed at the Royal London Hospital was a delicate piece of surgery to remove a diseased section of bowel from a 70-year-old British male patient.

The two hour operation was streamed out to thousands of medical students and onlookers from around the world on VR headsets, smartphones and computer screens via the Medical Realities website. The footage was broadcast a minute or so behind the surgery in case of any unforeseen complications.

The operating theatre was fitted with two 360-degree cameras with multiple lenses and this was augmented with footage from the Google Glass headsets worn by the surgeon, the anaesthetist and the patient. 
The resulting footage was interactive, allowing viewers to zoom in on the surgeon’s movements and letting them move around the theatre to look at the operation from different angles.

The benefits of this kind of media would be in improving the training and knowledge of surgeons all over the world. At a later date, hap tics could add further to the experience by replicating what the surgeon is touching and feeling as he or she works.

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