Get in Shape with Immersive Fitness

Get in Shape with Immersive Fitness

If you hate going to the gym to stare at yourself sweating in the mirror, then maybe Immersive Fitness is for you.

This new concept—already in action at a handful of fitness clubs around the world including David Lloyd Leisure’s Raynes Park club in London—is said to take gym bunnies into “a new dimension where technology and design add a visual sense of purpose to your workouts."

Les Mills and Reebok first debuted Immersive Fitness as The Project at a global event in London in May. The mobile studio then toured five European cities, captivating the imagination of thousands of intrigued fitness fans and gathering rave media reviews wherever it went.

These group exercise classes use digital projection, surround sound and cinema-size screens in a purpose-built studio transport attendees into immersive—almost virtual—worlds.

During spin-style cycle class THE TRIP, you might travel through a space scape or pedal over the side of a glacier. In a dance-based class you might be immersed in a tent at a music festival, where everybody's dancing together. There’s also a body combat class. This kind is training is supposed to deliver a heightened sense of anticipation and reward—and distraction from your aching muscles and heaving chest. 

Imagine when gym-goers can don a lightweight VR headset, or slip on a pair of augmented reality glasses to complement their workout? Exercise will be more enjoyable than ever!

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