New Tech Turns Touchscreens into Body Scanner

New Tech Turns Touchscreens into Body Scanner

Forget your PIN code or fingerprint scanner, Yahoo Labs researchers have created 'Bodyprint', a biometric authentication system that can turn the entire screen of any smartphone into a biometric scanner.

The great thing about this development is that it makes biometric identification systems accessible to users of all mobile touchscreen devices, not just those with recent iPhone models. 
The kind of biometric technology used in these phones also requires very high quality sensor and pixel resolution.

detects a person's features with the use of capacitive sensing, using the whole touchscreen display as the image sensor. How does it work? It obtains the capacitive image from the touch chip to analyze touch images instead of 2D touch locations that devices traditionally process.

Its accuracy is said to be as reliable as 99.98% according to Yahoo Labs researchers. False rejection rate is 26.82% and while user identification is 99.52% accurate.

As the video demonstrates, the system could be used to ensure that only the phone's registered user can answer calls by scanning the ear when it is picked up and held against the head. It could also recognise other small body parts such as fingers, palms, and fists. The software could also be used to protecting documents on the smartphone, locking them against unauthorised access. More than one person could be allowed access if validated by the user of the phone. This could mean that documents are only opened when both authenticated individuals are present. 

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